Chiquita collection


Enchanting, disconcerting, funny and reckless, the Valentine Gauthier woman breathes in her attitude and her spring-summer 2021 wardrobe. Volumes and colors write a harmony full of duality. The oversize raw silk  jackets nonchalantly knotted on a bustier that reveals bare, tanned skins. The pronounced waists of skirts, jeans and wide-legged pants are balanced with ample sleeved blouses for a 90’s look. The refined and clean cuts in natural or neon colors are offset by the artist-influenced prints of Jean (Hans) Arp, as well as the landscapes of Georgia O’ Keeffe like the swells of the Green Island drawn with a line. The play of straps and cords on jackets and dresses make a reference to sea voyages and underline the worker cuts, the brand’s DNA for a style that is both feminine and boyish. The strong colors of green and pink purple result in thoroughbred and balanced silhouettes, the blacks and off-whites highlight the contrasts for an expressive style of this naturally free girl.