Cycle collection

My inspirations come from everything that moves me, upsets me, revolts me or transports me. Tierra del Fuego is often for me an aesthetic refuge, a kind of blank page, then come Flanders for their lights, the Scandinavian landscapes like the Faroe Islands, my native south and the scrubland smell, our mountains and our valleys, the gusts of wind and spray, distant cultures of which we often only know the surface, yet so rich in humanity. Then comes simplicity after finding the complex. Simplify to keep only the essentials so these pieces can be adapted to an everyday wardrobe and adaptable to our multiple personalities and moods. I love the games of opposites, when the brutality and the hard-hitting sublime softness, refinement and delicacy. A fragile balance that each of us faces. Often there is a female artist or adventurer as a source of inspiration and a driving force in my work. Its determinism, its strengths and its weaknesses. Georgia O’keeffe, Émilie Flöge, Charlotte Perriand, Margaret Mead to whom her father had said “what a pity that you are not a boy, you would have gone far” … There is also my love for nature, for poetry colors, here those of dawn and dusk which make them more delicate, nuanced and deep. The strength of the unattached human begin, his sincerity and his curiosity. I have always felt close to it. From all of this flows Love, the flames in the belly that define life so well. This is my job, passing it on to whoever wants to take it. An absolute gift of self through a personal aesthetic and a simple ethic without pretense, an evolutionary cycle and yet in perpetual renewal. This season this cycle collection evokes the cycle of the seasons, the solstices and equinox, but also the cycle of life.