Gili Biegun stylist, photographer and publisher - Valentine Gauthie

Gili Biegun

Born in Israel, studied in Italy and based in Florence, Gili Biegun is the founder of JOYS magazine and JOYS studio. 
Gili worked as a photographer, art director, stylist and a brand ambassador gaining a large following community on social media.
Her career as a professional photographer and the editor-in-chief of JOYS Magazine online and on print, got her the official accreditation by The National Chamber of Italian Fashion, The British Fashion Council, The French Fashion Federation and invitations to attend fashion weeks in London, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Budapest.
JOYS Media channels feature only 100% original and unique visual stories.

Do you think a style can define a woman and help her feeling stronger and confident?

I think that a woman needs to define her own style, not the other way around; style of clothes, the interior of her home, her lifestyle. An external environment and outfits that make me feel comfortable and match my personality will make me feel more confident and therefore stronger. Personal style for me is a mood, a state of mind. But it has to match me in order to empower me. If the style doesn’t match the woman it can have the opposite result.

Why have you chosen the clothes you picked up in Valentine collection?

I chose looks that make me feel comfortable. Outfits that I will probably wear in my day-to-day life in my work as a photographer, stylist, and editor. At work I often ”get physical” and wearing short skirts or tight clothes is not very practical, yet I still need to appear professional. Pairing a blazer or buttoned shirt with long trousers, colorful shoes and I can easily grab my camera, start shooting, and looking stylish while doing so.

Valentine thinks her collections in a sustainable way since 2009, the year the first one, do you think care, sustainability, and environmental respect are the keywords of the future of fashion?

Absolutely. There are many ways to be sustainable, and I believe that in the future it will be necessary to take action for a positive impact on the environment. Consumers are already being more and more responsible and brands will keep up very quickly with the demand. 

You live in Italy, a country full of colors, Valentine is a colorist and pay a lot of attention to this. Is it something that kept your attention?

Of course. Colors are a great way to add a certain ”je ne sais quoi” to a look. Most of the clothes I own are actually in natural colors but adding a pop of color can change the whole game. Wearing natural shoes, bag and trousers matched with a popping color can create a great look.

What are the next topics you working on at JOYS magazine?

JOYS next printed edition, vol.10, will explore the concept of space and time focusing on today’s most urging topic: global sustainability.

We are currently researching the subject hoping to find answers for a better tomorrow.