Address :

88 Boulevard Beaumarchais
Paris XI

Opening Hours :

Monday 12pm – 2pm 3pm – 6pm
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 2pm 3pm – 7pm

« Often projects are born out of a particular context, a place, a request, a personality. Here it was a question of expressing the Valentine Gauthier’s personality in this space on the corner of Boulevard Beaumarchais.

From this place radiated an old-fashioned charm, of an old camera store, coming from the stainless steel window frames, the only elements we have wished to keep. The rest of the space was redefined to create a 1960s atmosphere that is both architecturally coherent and reassuringly familiar. The walls and ceiling are covered with a roughcast, the floor with a light beige paint, while a load-bearing wall acquires an architectural meaning thanks to the panelling that covers it.

This box serves as a setting for the furniture, custom-designed for this project: it was a question of playing with contradictory shapes taken from different periods of 20th century architecture and furniture. At the back of the store, behind the paneled wall, a more intimate space is hidden. The softness of the carpet and the curtains open onto the fitting rooms creating a soft and comfortable space » confides Bernard Dubois.

Architectural Concept by Bernard Dubois
Photos by Romain Laprade