Duo, Collection Tribu — Léontine Furcy


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Léontine Furcy, ceramic artist, tells her story in shapes, textures, curves, asymmetries, purities. Each piece is a unique and instinctive realization guided by the material in search of a sculptural free form, an obviousness. The earth is the vector of the exploration of its inner world, and its creations the multitude of what composes it.  It is a never-ending work, which aspires to find itself without defining, to accept itself without judging itself, to let go and to free itself from the uniform and rationalized dictates of beauty, the one that is conveyed as the truth of beauty everywhere.
“There is no perfect beauty, only a certain singularity of proportions” – Edgard Poe

Unique piece from the TRIBU collection

Made in Paris

Duo, Collection Tribu — Léontine Furcy | Size :

    Duo, Collection Tribu — Léontine Furcy |

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      • Cleaning tip

        Favor only dried flowers.
        The sandstone is vitrified during cooking but the earth being charmed left rough, it can remain a little porous.
        Washable in cold or hot soapy water with a soft brush.

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