Rive Gauche Valentine Gauthier

Echoing the launch of the new "Grand Bleu" collection, Valentine invites her friend Thibault to celebrate their shared love of freedom, wide open spaces, the ocean and surpassing oneself. 

This exhibition is a tribute to the surfing culture, madeleine de Proust by Thibault Stipal.

He grew up in Pontaillac at his grandmother's house, wearing out his board on the sidewalks, his longboard on the waves, winter and summer, for years. His grandmother's house as a legacy, all these childhood memories suddenly resurfaced. This work is therefore also a tribute to Pontaillac, its beach and its surfers, whom he looked upon as a kid like heroes.

«To me, like Dogtown and its lords, Ponta has its lords.»

Through the prism of his Hasselblad, he inscribes his desire to insist on the sanctity of this counterculture, on the fringes of social norms and nonconformism. Unfiltered portraits of these protagonists.


Espace Holism, 88 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris XI

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