Rive Gauche Valentine Gauthier

In March 2018, Valentine Gauthier moved her historic boutique to 88 Boulevard Beaumarchais across from Maison Plisson. A flagship with two shops and a workshop and an apartment. This one was thought as a place of life and creation, the apartment is Valentine's new address.  Dedicated to artist invitations, private invitations and the presentation of an ideal eco-designed cloakroom.

The shop next to the one redefined by the architect Bernard Dubois, the showcase of his collections, welcomes HOLISM. A space dedicated to the art of living around objects, glassware, ceramics, furniture, jewellery, drawings and photographs, all in a craft approach.

For this reason Valentine brings back unique pieces from her travels and collaborates with different artists like Koen, her friend from Antwerp who turns her pieces by hand in her workshop. We also find the furniture of Valentine's companion made in Paris, cushions, plaids made in the Valentine Gauthier workshop, Ayurvedic soaps, dried local crowns and flowers, 

The interior exposed in a raw spirit, between exposed stones and bricks echoes his love for brutalism.

To be discovered at 88 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris XI.

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