Valentine Gauthier - FW22 - Fuka
Valentine Gauthier - FW22 - Fuka

Art is accomplished when it seems to be nature and nature, in its turn, reaches its goal when it contains art without being noticed.

Pascal Quignard, Rhétorique Speculative, 1995

Valentine Gauthier materials are chosen in an eco-responsible way in order to offer a high quality women’s wardrobe while creating a sustainable fashion.

Sustainable, responsible and ethical fashion is an important issue and conditions our creation.
Our environmental awareness, instead of being a constraint, has become our main strength, the driving force behind our desires.

It is in the workshop and the forest dear to the heart of the artist Jean-Guillaume Mathiaut that the fall winter collection was put in situation. A coherence and a complementarity to my work, I was overwhelmed with emotions at the sight of his works, the poetry and the great sensitivity that emerges. A rustic brutality of a material used for what it is, associated with a great softness, purity and simplicity of forms accomplished by the hand of Jean-Guillaume. Sensuality emerges from the elements of sculptural furniture, a kind of UFO, strange, beautiful and bewitching.

The Valentine Gauthier brand, founded in Paris in 2009, designs an upscale, eco-responsible women’s ready-to-wear wardrobe with a sustainable vision of fashion. An ethical fashion conscious of climate change and society. Combining a high-end, eco-responsible and creative, feminine and elegant wardrobe with noble and eco-responsible materials. Our collections are designed in our workshop located above the store at 88, bd Beaumarchais Paris XI. You can find all our commitments here.

80% of the cotton we use in our collections is certified organic. We choose to use seeds, not genetically modified, from organic farming from India, grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and certified by the GOTS label, Global Organic Textile Standard.
The alpaca wool we use is from Peru. The silky fibers are long and fine, which gives it a softer and more resistant quality than other fibers. Alpaca is an “ecological” animal in that its breeding produces very little greenhouse gas.
We use viscose from sustainable forests in Europe.
The vegetable tanning is an ancestral and natural technique. The process consists of immersing the hides in vegetable substances, called tannins, such as wood, chestnut, oak, walnut, sumac, bramble and berry bark. Vegetable tanned leather contains no harmful toxic substances and the use of natural tannin ensures a low impact on the environment. It is breathable, insulating, stretchy, tear and abrasion resistant, and moisture wicking.
Tencel Lenzing ™, also known as lyocell, is a biodegradable cellulosic fiber made from eucalyptus pulp and dissolved in an environmentally friendly solvent. The cultivation of the trees needed to produce Lyocell does not require irrigation or pesticides.
We use Ahimsa silk, from Buddhism, which is a non-violent silk. This process allows for the completion of the silkworm to its butterfly stage.

The entire wardrobe of Valentine Gauthier, in an eco-responsible and sustainable fashion, uses as much as possible ecological materials, this combined with a sober production by series in limited edition. An ethical, eco-responsible and high quality fashion is not only possible but also essential to face the upheavals we are currently witnessing.

You can find all our commitments here.

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