As a child I devoured books about Ancient Egypt, the treasures of antiquity, artists’ biographies, medicinal herbariums and books on minerals.
I spent my free time on horseback in the mountains, on skis off-piste, by lakes, rivers and boats.

Happy loneliness a starting-point.

There is a Russian proverb that says “you can feed the wolf a lot but he always looks at the forest”, I deeply believe that our children’s illuminations are a constant reminder. If we honor them by being in full possession of our adults’ means we are closer to our soul and by radiance we are more true to the others.

Understanding where we come from, that we are part of a whole, that by being open, humble, honest, generous, creative, supportive, benevolent but also demanding and fair, the circles open and we all respond as in a large choir.

I respond to a life impulsion, I don’t know where it will lead me, but the path is exciting, challenging too, but the encounters through the projects I set up confirm me that I am well there where I am.