This collection follows a path of colorful vibrations, sorts of lyrical abstractions.
She sings of life, hope, the Sun and diffuse, deep or refreshing colors, freedom of movement.

The Chôra, Parali and Mésogée prints incorporate the notion of the carrier matrix of any material with a more or less defined appearance.
These prints evoking more or less evanescent pictorial landscapes suggest the non-figuration of a distant island, of a refuge.
A wild, wild and imprecise landscape as if sprung from the tip of an inked brush.

The colors say the impossibility of making them visible. They reappear in the poems, taken alive like flowers directed towards the light.

Pieces that support life and individual feelings.
It is then necessary to give each of them a daily dimension.
If clothing contributes to physical and spiritual development, then creating a virtuous wardrobe that influences the life of beings and their relationship to nature is essential.

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