Photo by Marie-Amélie Tondu for Grazia magazine

She was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in November 2019 in the fashion category.

Valentine loves women, their plurality and their differences. The wardrobe she proposes, a mix that is at once refined, boyish and inspired by workwear for an assertive style. Each piece is elaborated in a comfort approach with style and consciousness. The transparencies of silk and delicately printed cotton, the raw materials of the workers, tweedy wool, English velvet, lace, poplin and twill are at the core of the collections. The print designs created in the studio balance the full or muted colors of this timeless and identity-enhancing wardrobe. A silhouette is achieved by iconic moccasins and boots in vegetable-tanned leather made in the workshop of his partner, an artisan boot-maker for 4 generations.

Valentine Gauthier grew up on the Castellet plateau, next to the Paul Ricard’s circuit. Her father was a Formula 1 test driver and developer, during the great era of motor racing between James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna. The taste of freedom, risk and wide open spaces will remain from this childhood.

From her studies in geo-ethnology and styling, to the Maison Martin Margiela’s studios , DA of a life style concept store then the winner of the International Festival of Young Fashion Designers of Dinard just before the launch of her eponymous brand in 2007 and the opening of her first boutique in 2009, Valentine’s career reflects her state of mind: creative, strong-willed and passionate.

In 2018 she opens a flagship store in the Haut Marais in Paris including two boutiques and an apartment. This new space is an opportunity for Valentine to showcase her ideal wardrobe as well as modern craft lifestyle universe. She chooses to present the work of artists, craftsmen and friends who, through travels and encounters, have shared her tastes, convictions and values. The three spaces create a complete universe and are a reflection of her personality.

The choice of quality partners, work well done in a sustainable approach have been at the center of her concerns since her inception. Each piece of the wardrobe is made in a limited quantity with materials coming from French, Italian or English weavers’ workshops for the most part. Her travels have nourished her DNA with traditional savoir-faire. Thus the sourcing, and the place of manufacture are at the center of her concerns.

Valentine gives special attention to the choice of natural and/or recycled materials, as well as to the quality of manufacturing, the cut, the choice of buttons and finishes.

« We meet with each workshop we work with and build relationships based on trust and the exchange of knowledge. The blurs, sleeved pieces, knitwear, shoes, buttons and supplies makers are selected for their ethical values and the selection is mainly based on their most durable materials. Because we are proud to work in this way and for reasons of transparency, we indicate the origin of the fabric and the country of manufacture on the product pages of our articles on the e-commerce site. »

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